Nice too meet you.

welcome to the chaos!

do you want to know me…? Ummm.. but guess that I want to know you more.

HI! all of you. 

My name is…what ever.

I’m from Thailand, Bangkok

I’m 15 years old.

people call me that ” I’m a leader of craziness >3<

Energetic Active Hard working

and Hard Core.

oh my goshhh!! There are so many things about me!!

so..have a look at this photos so then you’ll know more-.-

About me.Nice too meet you.
About me!! This is me. You know me now.
Nice too meet you.

You might have a question..Why am I making this blog??

I won’t tell you that the reason why am I making this blog is because my teacher said so…Joking! ahaha

The truth is…

In student life, especially when you are teenager you might have some problems that you don’t know how to fix it, or you just need someone to talk with. And I’ll try to be the person  that help you 🙂

by sharing some tips, advice that might help you.

I want to create the space that you can talk and and share our lifestyle or anything! The place that you are relive to be in and tell what;s your problems and what do you need for help.

Like we are a family or best friends. I want you to feel safe and trust me 🙂

I hope you’ll get something from being

a part of our family.


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